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To provide every student the opportunity to develop academically, socially and physically through quality learning experiences, utilizing the Core Knowledge Curriculum.


The Red River Valley Charter School philosophy of education is to create a foundation for self-initiated, life-long learning. In this we take an integrated approach, combining traditional academics with creative and innovative teaching practices. It is clear that reading, math and writing are the building blocks for learning. However, the ultimate goal of our program is to instill in our students an excitement for learning. In an increasingly technologically advanced society, education must be continuous and those who will succeed are those who possess the tools for learning, and the adaptability necessary for change.



The Red River Valley Charter School (RRVCS) opened in 2001. The school was founded by a group of local business women and mothers to ensure that a local school would be available for the children of Red River. Questa Independent School District authorized the conversion of the school to charter status. in 2011, RRVCS was approved for state authorization by the Public Education Commission and is now a public charter school.

During the past 20 years, RRVCS has continued to implement the same philosophy and mission, utilizing the Core Knowledge Curriculum and innovative teaching practices.

Since its inception, RRVCS has served the children of the communities of Red River, Questa, Eagle Nest and Angel Fire. RRVCS has become an important part of the community, providing a local school choice for Red River students and academic school choice for Questa students.


We at Red River Valley Charter School believe that the Core Knowledge Curriculum developed by Dr. E.D. Hirsch, Jr., is currently the most effective and innovative approach in American education (  Core Knowledge provides children with a strong foundation of knowledge in traditional disciplines, while encouraging innovative thinking and multi-disciplinary integration. In effect, what we teach in reading, builds on what we teach in history, which builds on what we teach in science, and so forth. The Core Knowledge Curriculum builds continuously, kindergarten through eighth grade, to reinforce fundamental skills and extend learning in an innovative and interesting way. 


In efforts to comply the with Sunshine Portal Transparency Act, the state of New Mexico and the Public Education Department provide access to public records through the New Mexico Sunshine Portal. The portal is a public window into government spending, budgets, revenues, employees, contracts and more.

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