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Providing every student the opportunity to develop academically, socially and physically through quality learning experiences, utilizing the Core Knowledge Curriculum





The teachers and staff of the Red River Valley Charter School take our responsibility in the education of your child very seriously. It is a challenge and a privilege to help mold the future of these children, and ultimately of our nation. One of the most important factors in our success is recognizing that we are only one part of the process. Equally critical is the active and continuous involvement of parents and children in helping us to achieve excellence. 


We at RRVCS think of your children as our children. Our goal is to help give them the skills and desire to excel in whatever field or endeavor they choose to pursue in the future. Of equal importance is that we foster

a sense of self-discipline and self-control, imparting to them the self-confidence they need to achieve their highest potential while respecting all others and treating them with kindness. 


We look forward to working with you as we strive for excellence!



Kimberly Ritterhouse

School Administrator 

Covid-19 Re-entry Plan, Updates & Toolkit

As Red River Valley Charter School prepares for the 2022-2023 school year, we find it important that families are up to date on the school's safe return to in-person instruction and continuity of services plan and procedures that correlate to Covid-19. Please click HERE to read our plan. Please note that changes to RRVCS' plan are possible as the New Mexico Public Education Department and the Department of Health release new information. If members of the public have questions or would like to contact the school directly, please email or call 575-754-6117.

New Mexico Public Education Department has assembled a very helpful and informative Covid-19 Toolkit to guide families through the school re-entry process. Please click HERE to access the NM PED Covid-19 Toolkit.


More Information to Come.

Re-Entry Updates

Back to School Supply Lists

We are excited to have RRVCS students back on campus for the 2022-2023 school year! Please find all student supply lists by clicking below.

PreK supplies

k-2 supplies

3-4 supplies

5-6 supplies

7-8 supplies

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